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Decorative Wall Clocks


There are so many styles of wall clocks that you would have to start looking tro see what catches your eye.  They come in wood, glass, metal, various shapes and sizes and can go anywhere.  Let's look a t a few below:


There are so many things that you can do with a clock that once you decide to pick one up for a kid's room the choices are unlimited.  They come in all different sizes.  To list some of then there are round, square, pendulum, money banks, and in any shape or character too.  They can be as bright in color as you want them and they can be in any shape and style.  They help make a room look complete. You can get some useful information about featurewallart.co.uk from this great accounting website www.featurewallart.co.uk .


The next time you are looking to decorate and are not sure what theme to go with you may want to check out Tuscan art work.  There are so many pieces and a Tuscan wall clock would be a nice place to start.  There are so many to choose from you will not know where to begin and that is part of the fun when decorating so you may want to select one that you can add pieces to unless you are placing the clock in an area that will stand by itself.  Some of the choices include scroll, fruit, wrought iron, roosters, and even hand painted ones.  Each one is beautiful all by themselves.


Decorative wall clocks also help complete a grouping where there may be a picture a shelf and then the clock could go on either side.  Some people also use wall clocks next to a mirror as a decoration.  They are great by themselves in a foyer.  This helps you stay on track when you are trying to get ready for work or get the kids off to school.  Decorative wall clocks also make nice gifts whether it is for a house warming gift or anniversary present or something you know the person will enjoy and you give it to them just because, they will be able to use them anywhere in their home.

  • Decorative Wall Mirrors

Accessorize your home with a purchase a decorative wall mirror for your foyer or place one on a small wall as you are heading out the door for one last check.  There are some real pretty ones and so many styles to choose from that it will take some time for you to select the right one.   Some are made with wood frames, metal frames and no frames at all.  Depending on the look and design you are going for you will easily be able to find something you like since there are so many out there to choice from whether it's on-line or in a local store. 


Some Tuscan wall mirrors include fruit, scroll work, metal tiles, roosters, lithographs and wine bottles.  Here are some of the choices you could pick from and with the details listed see if you can envision what they may look like.  Each one on their own is beautiful.  The Tuscan Rustic wall mirror captures the relaxed ambiance and incomparable charm of Italy's countryside.  Custom framed mirrors can be hung vertically or horizontally with a beveled mirror that compliments any style of home decor.  There are some that have the field of flowers in Tuscany in the colors of yellows and reds or others that are a textured print mounted on a floating frame.


Wood mirrors that you can hang on the wall come in various styles and types of wood.  One thing that is nice about have wood is it brings depth and sophistication to your home.  They are easy to hand and easy to take care of when you are cleaning your home.  When you are tryong to decide what type of wood to purchase you probably would want to try and match the type of wood you have in your home.  There is a time that you would consider other types of wood and that would be when a design is specially made for you or you saw a specific mirror that caught your eye and you cannot leave without it.  You may have a special place for this mirror in your home and you can decorate around it.